Dicran Halajian


  • J.D., with honors from Brooklyn Law School
  • B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic University
Dico, a registered U.S. patent attorney over 20 years, received his J.D. with honors from Brooklyn Law School and also holds a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic University with a course concentration in electromagnetic fields and waves.

Prior to law school, Dico practiced over 14 years as an electrical engineer including 11 years for Grumman Aerospace Corporation most recently as a Senior Operations Analyst with significant expertise in the fields of RF/microwave/radar, digital signal processing and filtering, electronic countermeasures, computer modeling of radar systems, electromagnetic compatibility and program integration, hardware and software modeling, program integration and electromagnetic compatibility.  Prior to establishing their law firm as a founding partner over 10 years ago, Dico practiced intellectual property law as Senior Intellectual Property Counsel for Philips and with two Long Island-based law firms. He co-authored Patentee’s Participation in Standards Setting (The Rambus Case) of PIPA (Pacific Intellectual Property Association) Conference, 2003.

Areas of expertise include medical imaging and instrumentation including image-guided therapy, diagnostic imaging,  and related systems, wired and wireless telecommunication, compression (e.g., TDMA, CDMA), and infrastructure; personal care and domestic appliances including coffee machines, shavers, vacuums, irons, cooking devices and water purifiers; display technologies including rollable displays; video/audio transmission and encoding (e.g., MPEG); watermarking and encryption; imaging; recording; signal processing and filtering; data warehousing; memory including optical; optical and radar systems; consumer electronics including digital televisions systems; recommenders; digital video recorders; lighting components and systems, electronics, control and applications; antenna design and systems, power supplies and ballasts; computer hardware; software and networks; semiconductor components, circuits and fabrications; Internet-based systems; e-commerce, and business methods; analog and digital electronics; electrical and mechanical arts.