About Us

Centrally located near the New York Federal Courts and Technology Hub of Long Island, we counsel our clients regarding all aspects of intellectual property including patentability and infringement analysis, due diligence investigations, licensing, trademarks, trade secrets, unfair competition and copyrights.

Our attorneys are licensed to practice in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and have expertise in the areas of medical devices, biotechnology, chemical, computer science, pharmaceutical, electronics, and mechanical arts. Our attorneys are highly experienced with in-depth and intricate knowledge of these technology areas to empower our clients with answers to their issues and a formidable strategy to address their intellectual property concerns.

What We Do

No one knows patent prosecution and opinion counseling like we do. Years of experience provide a foundation for our expertise in patent counseling and transactional and litigation practice. Our team of expert attorneys has the scientific and legal knowledge necessary to obtain meaningful rights for your ideas and enforce those rights.

But patent prosecution is just the start. We also provide counseling and litigation services for obtaining and protecting your copyrights. We will help guard your creative works through copyright registration, licensing and enforcement.

At SLS we understand the value of protecting your reputation and good standing in the market. Our team of attorneys will secure and protect your trademarks, service marks and brand names.

Your business’ competitive edge may depend on the protection of your trade secrets. We provide expert counseling in programs, procedures and policies to protect your business’ programs, software, formulas or methods.